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Brand-New Site for Sharing Opinions

Have you posted on a social website with NO response to your concern? Have you ever had something to say and didn’t feel you had any place to say it? Well, you have found the place!! We want to hear your concerns, preferably in a video showing your emotion and dedication to your issue. We, the people, need to voice our opinions. Forget the poles, forget the paid experts. On “The People Talk”, you are the expert. It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you walk on, your ideas and opinions count. We do ask that your contribution is fact based carries relevance to the issues of the day.

Discover a new place to voice your opinion and read up on current events only at The People Talk, where we feature issues facing us every day. This is your source for the true, unbiased, personal opinions according to you and others like you.

Personal Interactions from Any & All

At The People Talk, we want you to voice your opinion! All you have to do is e-mail us your response as a video and we post it on our site. Writing often makes it difficult to determine one's passion; videos, however, emphasize emotional factors and expressions of that particular person.

Submission Information

Please understand that inappropriate content will not be used or posted. We do not want to discriminate against the left or right; we want to maintain balance on our site. Videos can range in length of time and file size. Just send them in to us, and we will contact you if we are unable to post your video. Send your videos to: