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The People Talk was created on the idea that the American People are being told half of the truth.  We need more people providing objective ideas and opinions in order to keep the balance of power in check.  We need to calmly voice our opinions and inform our elected leaders of our thoughts.

How long can the working American public continue to be played for fools? We are the voice of America, we elect the people we feel will best represent our best interests. So why have we settled for mediocrity? We live in the land of prosperity, home of the free and are seeing our personal freedoms being sliced away layer by layer. How long can we sustain or tolerate the squandering of our future? Is our Government infringing on our human rights by creating a class of people that are more dependent on the government than themselves? These are a few of the questions we need answered. This website is here solely for the purpose of finding the answers to these questions and more.