Middle East

Have we become so complacent that we have forgotten Pearl Harbor and what our world was like for the 50 years after? Now instead of a foreign country attacking the U.S. because they are affraid we may join the fight. We have to deal will idiots who have to hide among civilians in order to fight. I find it rather ironic that currently in the U.S. there is a campaign on bullying. It doesnt matter if it is a 2nd grader taking a 1st graders lunch or a teenager posting on social media someone is ugly. This is a mortal sin and very bad, it ruins someones self esteam.

Wake up people, these idiots we just let have Iraq are bullies. If this was your 1st grader that just lost their lunch for the 2nd day in a row I know you would have your principals testies in your hand. We set here and and watch the news and say oh thats too bad, our world is so screwed up.

We can eliminate this problem, but. Our leaders worry about affending someone. We are the strongest nation in the world on paper. If you are the big guy you shouldn’t have to prove it, I agree. But, if the mosquito bites you long enough you will sqash it and wipe the blood off your arm.