America’s Southern Border

What is the real agenda with our leaders in D.C. ? It appears that their personel agenda is not what I call the true American People want, so they need to cater to or create a new class or group to support their skewed view of America. The American foundation may be over 200 years old but is still very functional and fair to all who follow our founding leaders ideas. They realized everyone needs to be treated equally and fairly for the system to work. Some will prosper more than others but all follow the same laws.

We currently have a situation on our southern border that appears to be giving special privilege to a few. The last time we had a situation such as this, people followed the law. All people went through the process and where logged as citizens. These people built this country and many of their ideas are still living not more than one or two generations down. We have the means to help but won’t, basically because of excuses so we don’t affend a constituent.  Our military is being paid everyday, let them go practice and learn along our southern border. We need to remember, the people making these decsions work for us, the tax payer.